Egoscue "Posture Solutions" DVD

A Comprehensive Tool for Posture and Gait Analysis



Developed by Egoscue®, the World Leader in Non-Medical Pain Relief, and featuring international presenter Brian Bradley, V.P. Therapy Protocol, this DVD will give you the most practical and useful skills for assessing your client's posture and performance issues. This DVD was designed with you and your clientele in mind. Each time you review its contents, you will pick up something new to immediately take to your practice. If you want to be part of the solution and not add to your client's movement problems, this DVD is for you. Additionally, the E-cise library provided will teach you the functional purpose of each movement and tips for passing this importantinformation along to your clients.


This DVD provides you the most effective assessment skills for posture recognition, including palpation of bony landmarks, visual observation and answers to common client questions about their movement and posture.This DVD was developed with you and your education in mind, in consideration of how to best meet your client's results and goals. The results will speak for themselves as you take your skills to the next level. Along with the extensive E-cise library is a comprehensive anatomical and bio-mechanical review of each movement. The bottom line is that your business and clientele will thank you in the long term for "upping" your skills. It's time to become, and remain, part of the solution to the chronic pain problem.

Being free from pain takes personal effort and commitment. This DVD is designed to assist you, the fitness/healthcare provider, in achieving optimal results for your clientele. By integrating your expertise with Egoscue Posture Solutions, your clients will enjoy quicker, longer lasting results.

The correct information, however, may only be effective if it is put into practice. PutEgoscue Posture Solutions to work for you and your clientele and marvel at the results.

70 minutes

Egoscue "Posture Solutions" DVD
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